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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bible Stories for Preschoolers Book Review

     When I saw the chance to snag this book for a review, I took it!  See, this book would be perfect for the preschoolers that I teach during church.  I took this book in when it was my month to teach to read to my class.  We decided to start at the beginning and read through it.
      The stories were very engaging and interesting.  It held the attention of these small blessings very well.  We have read quite a few stories in it by now and we do like reading this book.
    I like that the book has questions and activities for the children to answer and follow.  This helps to instill those lessons into those fresh minds.
     One thing that has confused my assistant teacher, my students and myself is that in the stories that talk about God being there, He seems to be portrayed as an angel.  It is confusing I think to the kids because God is not an angel.  We have been sure to explain this to their little minds because they did ask about it.
    My assistant and I could not help but giggle at some of the pictures and the ways they are drawn.  There are a lot of pompadours drawn onto people.  Some of the illustrations also have people standing in weird ways or holding their hands in strange positions.  We have had a few laughs about that.
     All in all, this is an ok book.  The stories are good if you can get past the pictures.  I personally wouldn't go out and buy the book, but I am getting use out of it.

DISCLAIMER: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.

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