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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reorganization of My Household Notebook

The other day I was going through and reorganizing my household notebook.  I wanted to take out the stuff that I didn't need anymore and add a few new things in.  A couple of the things that I included this time are worth mentioning for those of you who like to get ideas for your own household notebooks.  
Since I am a homeschooler mom, I have lots of stickers for school.  But I usually forget to use them because they are put away on the shelf with the homeschool things.  I decided to take one of my 3-ring plastic sheet covers and slip all of the stickers in one of those.  That worked well!  Now I can keep the stickers with me easier because they are in my notebook.
The other handy thing that I added was the different book lists for different categories that I pick up at the library.  I did the same thing with those as with the stickers and it works wonderfully!
I also added a folder in my notebook for homeschool items suck as papers for scheduling, notes or my grading scale.  
After I buy some ink and paper for my printer, I will be adding a few new things into my household notebook. Until then....
No actually, I will be back tomorrow!  You won't get rid of me that easy!

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