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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's All About Me!

It's all about me!  Now that is something that you don't hear me say.  Because it's never all about me.  But this blog post, it is!  Most of my followers know a few things about me that I repeat over and over or because I am constantly taking photos of them.  I am a Christian, I love to read books, I love to drink coffee and my favorite animals are cats and sheep.  But what are some of the unseen things about me that you as an online audience don't get to experience?
Well lets start with something simple, just me.  I am a pretty plain person.  I am not beautiful, but I also don't consider myself ugly.  I am simple.  T-shirts and jeans are usually my dress of choice.  I am definitely a jeans-wearing gal.  Levi's are the best!  I do like to be a little girly and dressy so I like to wear a nice pair of heels with my jeans, but mostly I wear good ole tennis shoes.  I am not a high maintenance lady.  I brush my hair when it's dry, I usually don't when it's wet.  I don't style my hair, but wear pony tails and braids.  I wear 2 rings every single day.  One is my wedding ring and the other is the promise ring that Greg got me.  Other jewelry I don't usually wear unless I am dressing up.  Oh, I do have a belly button ring but no one sees that but Greg and I, so I wear whatever ring I want.  I don't wear makeup very often.  Every now and then I wear it to church, usually when we perform or for special occasions.  
I like to decorate my house very simply and more of a country styled theme.  I don't care for modern deco and I don't like dark.  So I tend to stay with relaxing or bright colors and comfort.  My tastes are very basic.  I don't need flashy, extravagant, spendy, name brand, large or whatever else it is.  I do not decorate like my house is going to be in a magazine either.  It is surrounding myself with things that I love, things that are useful for myself and my family and making it easy for everyone that decorates my home.  
I am very easy to please.  The smallest gifts will make my day.  I'm always happy with paper, pens, pencils, stickers or markers.  I collect coffee mugs, sheep, cats, and school supplies.  Lol.  Seriously.  My favorite store is Borders near my house because when you walk in I can smell my two favorite things besides Jesus.  Coffee and pages of a brand new book.  Those are two pages that I just can't deny.  Inhale.........exhale.......ahhhhhhhhh  Those are definitely my favorite smells. 
So, who has any questions?  I have a couple of minutes left to take a few.  Who's first?

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