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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bringing My Friends To Christ

I am not one who will go door to door, or walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation about Jesus.  If I have reason to assume that another person is a Christian, I will try to find some way to talk about Christ with them.  But evangelizing to total strangers for no reason is just not something I am comfortable with.  
What I am comfortable is bringing or inviting people to church that I already know has that curiosity of the hunger for Jesus Christ.  I have brought friends and children to church who then became saved, baptized, became a member of the church or frequently attended after I brought them.  I have had the pleasure of bringing 2 adults and 3 children to church with me and having seen all of them get saved.  I was personally there with both adults when it happened.  One of the children I was bringing invited a friend who also got saved.
What a glorious feeling to be bringing in a larger family for Christ!  It is pleasing to be able to honor Him in that way.  I am not proud of me, I am proud that He used me. 
Today I was there to witness an extremely close friend get saved and agree to join the church with her children!  Her children both already got saved, one during VBS last year and one during VBS this year.  I am so excited about this!   It is goose-bumping goodness!

Dear Heavenly Father, I am so thankful that you have used me to fulfill Your heavenly desires.  Without You, I could not have done this.  Lord, I pray that you fill those 3 new Christians with Your Holy Spirit and allow them to feel Your love.  I am so excited about this Jesus!  Who else can I bring to church?  Lord send more my way!  In Jesus' name, Amen.

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