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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poisonous Plants

I found a list that I have with a table of poisonous plants.  Some of these plants I was not aware were poisonous!  I received this list from Pierce County Noxious Weed Control Board and the Pierce County Cooperative Extension Service.  It is by no means a complete list, but it includes plants that are common around this area of Pierce County.  Many of these plants you may find in your area or in your home.  It is certainly worth taking the time to glance at this and be prepared.

Plants Causing Dermatitis (skin disorders)
Calla Lilly, Cow Parsnip, Daffodil, Devils Club, Dog Fennel, Giant Hogweed, Iris, Leafy Spurge, Moleplant (Caper spurge), Motherwort, Petty Spurge, Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Primrose (obconia - green house introduced from Eurasia) Smartweed, Stinging Nettle, St. Johnswort, Wilde Carrot, Wild Ginger, Yellow Jessamine

I will list the common name first, then the part of the plant that is poisonous.

Azalea, Leaves
Baneberry, Berries
Bleeding Heart, Root
Bluebonnets, Seed
Bracken Fern, Mature Plant
Buckeye (Horse Chestnut), Nut
Burning Bush, Leaves
Buttercup, Leaves
Castor-Bean Plant, Seeds
Cherry-Wild, Leaves (wilted)
Choke Cherry, Leaves and Seed
Christmas Rose, Leaves
Cowbane (Oxypolis Plant), Root
Daffodil, Bulb
Daphne (Mezereum), Berries
Death Camas (or Death Onion), All Parts
Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane), All Parts
Delphinium (Larkspur), Leaves
Lobelia, All parts
Lupin, Seed
Mock Oranges, Fruit
Monkshood, Root
Mt. Laurel, Any Part (uncooked)
Narcissus, Bulb
Nightshade (Bitter), Berries
Oleander, Leaves
Peach Tree, Leaves when steeped
*Poison Hemlock, All parts
Pokeweek, Roots
Potato, Sun Burned Portion
Red Elderberry, Scarlet Berries
Rhododendron, Any Part (uncooked)
Rhubarb, Leaves
Scotch Broom, Seed
Skimmia (Skimmia Japonica Thumb), Entire Plant
Spreading Dogbane, Entire Plant
Fall Crocus (Colchium), Bulb
Foxglove, Leaves
Giant Hogweed, Stems (sap)
Holly, Berries
Horsetail, Entire Plant
Iris, Underground Stem
Ivy, Leaves
Jerusalem Cherry (solanum-pseudo capsicum), Fruit or Yellow Cherry
Jimson Weed (Thorn Apple), Entire Plant
Laburnum, (Golden Chain), Seeds and Pods
Larkspur, Leaves
Lily-of-the-Valley, Entire Plant
Sweet Pea, Seeds and Stem
Tansy (Button), Leaves
Tansy Ragwort, Entire Plant
Tobacco, Leaves
Tomato, leaves
Tulip, Bulb (Uncooked)
Vetches, Seeds
*Water Hemlock, Roots
Yellow Jessamine, Nectar and Blossom
Yew, All Parts

Interesting list, no?  I was surprised by a few things I saw on there.  

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