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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tyndale House Publishers "What's in the Bible? Battle for the Promised Land" Blog Tour Review and Free Giveaway!!

I am participating in the What's In the Bible?, Battle for the Promised Land blog tour for Tyndale House Publishers.  If you'd like more information than what I will provide below, please click on one of those links above to check it out!
When the kids and I received this in the mail, we were so excited!  I was curious to see it since it is by the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer, seen below.

The use of puppets in this video is engaging and funny.  Stinky and I did this review together and we let Bubba go ahead and join us. This is a great video to watch as whole family! It answers questions like "Why was it ok for the Israelites to kill the people when they moved into the Promised Land?".  And if there is something that the children don't understand, when you watch it as a family you are right there to explain more fully.  Or if you don't know the answer yourself, research it together!

There was some cute and catchy songs in the DVD.  My favorite was the Historical Books song sung by the pirate. The video to see the song is below:

I had Stinky answer a couple of questions so that she could take part in this review with me.

Q. Did you learn from it?
A. Yes I didn't know there were books called Historical Books.

Q.  Did you find it entertaining?
A.  Yea, some things were funny.

Q.  Would you watch the rest of the movies?
A.  No I wouldn't want to.

Q. Who was your favorite character?
A.  The pirate because he went up in the hot air balloon and sings.  He's also funny.

Now to the fun part of my blog.....and the first ever *GIVE AWAY*!!!!  Would you like to win a certificate to get What's in the Bible: Batter for the promised Land for free?  If you would, read the rules below:

1. I know most people ask you to follow them on this blog or their twitter accounts, but I'm not all about numbers.  But I have to know that you're a real person so you are going to have to follow me publicly so I can check out your blog!  I'll let you have the choice, either follow my blog or my Twitter.  Whatever your choice is don't forget to let me know! I'm gonna check!  My Twitter name is @Daintydecker.

2.  Leave a comment below if you'd like to enter and tell me why you'd like to win this video for your family.  I will choose the winner on Tuesday morning!  Good luck!


Emily said...

Oh, DD, your first giveaway!!! Is that not reason enough to join in? No? What about so that you'll finally have my address and the stalking can be both ways now?! No? Humph. Ok, then... this isn't fair! Who wouldn't want to check out something from the man who made veggies dance and sword fight... without hands and legs!!! And getting in some actual education about our Lord to boot. PERFECT. But I don't know if my boy would be old enough to get this, if not please void our entry so someone else can see it and use it now! <3

The Man Crew said...

Dani...how exciting! I LOVE a giveaway, especially about the Bible and by Phil Vischer! Count me in please. And I'm already following you....does that get me 2 votes? :) Congrats on your giveaway...enjoy!
K and the Man Crew

Unknown said...

oh now I wish I had kids this age to watch it. Heck I would watch this on my own lol. I love learning at the kids level. Not sure what that says about me. I lo ve vegie tales to. Geesh maybe I am 4 year old at heart?

K said...

Alright Mrs. Decker! I follow both so put me in the drawing. As you know Korben, Cooper, and I are just starting out on our spiritual journey so this would be awesome to receive. Have a great day my wonderful friend. I wubba you!!

Anonymous said...

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