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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day #5 No Coffee

I love to just throw random pictures into my blog.  I don't know if there is some rule that your picture has to go with whatever you blog about, but mine don't always. 
Here I am, day #5 without coffee and I've survived.  Who'd a thought that could happen?  I miss it terribly though.  I have been waking up ok without it in the morning, but Teeccino just doesn't cut it for creamy roasted goodness in my morning mug.  We'll see if I keep drinking that in the morning.  I might just drink it in the afternoon.  Dunno what I will drink in the morning then.
After the first 3 days there was no headache, and the 3rd day was an extremely mild one.  I experienced  very mild mood swings.  They were pretty easy.  And no one else in my family suffered from them!  Lucky for them!

I want to take more naps than usual, but that should go away soon.  Hopefully. 
Today we went back to homeschooling after taking a break last week.  It was nice to have a break.  I wanted to get a lot done, but between having cramps and then having to catch up when they were gone, not too much housework actually got done.  But that's ok with me. I am doing the most important things here and that is worshiping my Lord, taking care of and teaching my children and trying to make my hubby happy. 
Tomorrow I think I may have a couple book reviews to do.  We'll see....I may do them tonight.  It depends....


~♥~April~♥~ said...

Yay! 5 days is a milestone! I'm so proud of you. Keep up the great work. When I had to give up coffee, my hardest day was day 3 - moody and a migraine. After that, it got easier. :-) Your body will thank you - you're going to feel so much healthier!

♥ & Hugs,

Unknown said...

YAY! You are doping great!!!

remember- lots of protein. and fruit is a good source of glucose in the morning to jumpstart your brain after the fast of the night. and take your vitamins!!

Be healthy and stay well!


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