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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

God's Promises for Women of Faith by Thomas Nelson Books

God’s Promises for Women of Faith is a wonderful book for Christian women to have.  This book takes Bible verses for woman and uses them in ways that apply to our daily lives.  There are topics for women who need help with an area in their life or will show them exactly what God expects in certain areas of their life.  
There are topics such as God Helps Women to Grow By....God Comforts Women as They Learn to.... and God Delights in Women Who Are.  These topics work for us women, today.  In our real lives.
This book has been something that I can pick up when I need a quick refresher to uplift my soul.  Or if I am in a hurry in the morning and I don’t have the time to read my Bible chapters then, I can read a few verses from this book in just a few minutes and feel the Lords’ hand guiding me through my day.  
I am curious to read the section that talks about financial problems to see the verses that are there to lead me.  I have not yet read every single Bible verse for all of the topics.  A wonderful book to buy someone as a gift too!

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