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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last night was a great Girls Night In for me!  I had a good friend come over and spend the night with me.  We got silly, we danced to NKOTB, we played a few wii games and a couple other fun things.  It was very relaxing for us.  Well, hopefully it was as relaxing for her as it was for me. 
It's nice to be able to slow down every once in a while and just hang out with someone.  It is good refreshment for a soul and attitude.
We did not get much sleep, but sleep can be sacrificed for a night for some girly fun.  I survived today and that is what I am most afraid of.  I am getting too old to skip out on sleep and usually the next day I pay for it.  I'm doing ok today though.
It may have a little something to do with taking a nap this afternoon....it wasn't a long nap, but I needed it.  After my nap I heard that my step-daughter was coming over for a quick visit.  I decided that since I have been so good about keeping up on my housework that I better do a few things today to keep up that appearance.  I washed dishes, we picked up the living room and bathroom and we're all grateful that we've been keeping this clean so there wasn't much to do.
Now I am sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying the almost quite in my house.  Everyone is outside visiting with my step-daughter, except for Kyle who is playing the wii.  That is mostly all I hear now.  I have a couple books to read and I still haven't been able to do my devotions for the day.  I can't forget to do those.  
Tomorrow is church and Sunday school.  I need to get my lesson all together tonight.  We don't have bell practice tomorrow because there are too many people gone.  But we are going to our friends' daughter's birthday party in the afternoon.  That should be fun.  And nummy with a BBQ!
I suppose I should sign out, this post seems to be pretty boring.  There is not a whole lot going on.  

I do have an issue that I have been giving a lot of thought to lately and I think I have pretty much figured out my solution.  Some people will not be happy with my decision, but that is too bad.  I need to do what is right for myself and my family.  And that means doing things that may anger or hurt others.  If you feel like praying for me, that would be greatly appreciated.  The Lord knows what my issue is.   


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