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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oops! I forgot!

Have you ever started something with all intentions to actually follow through with it, then life catches up with you and you get busy here and there and it dawns on you.....you forgot!?  Well I just did that.  I forgot that I was supposed to be doing the Summer Devotions Challenge 2010.  I still have read my devotions here and there, my Bible almost every day, but forgot about logging it and such.  Oh, and the such is memorizing Bible verses, which I am horrible at for some reason.  I remember bits and pieces of them all......
Anywhoo, I thought today I would share what I use for my devotions.  I do not read all of these books every day.  I like to have a variety to choose from or else I get bored.  
I always start with reading my Bible.  I read a chapter or two, even three sometimes.  I bought a new Bible a little over a year ago.  Before I bought it, I asked my Pastor at church which Bible he recommended. He recommended two Bibles that are study Bibles and are the truest Bibles published.  I don't remember what the other was, but the one I bought and the one he uses is the Ryrie Study Bible King James Version.  I ordered mine from Christianbooks.com and so I could order it more how I wanted it.  I got the fake leather, I believe, in Burgundy.  I included the finger indent labeled tabs on the sides for the books of the Bible and my name on the outside cover.  I fell in love with this Bible the minute I got it.  I love the study notes that included with it and I NEVER skip reading them.  You learn so much!  
The rest of the books that I use for devotions are kept in a basket right now.  I believe I am going to find something different to put them in though because that basket would work perfectly for my embroidery and cross-stitch patterns, floss, etc.  So I am not going to post a picture of it.  It's just a little picnic basket.  I include other things that I might want for my devotions in the basket also.  Such as pen, pencil, highlighter, and reference books for Bible verses.  
The Power of a Praying Parent Book of Prayers by Stormie Omartian is a great book to read a prayer from each morning.  I love this little prayer book.  I want to buy The Power of a Praying Wife Book of Prayers next!  I am not really eloquent at praying.  It works for me to use a written prayer.  Then the more of them I read, the better my prayers get....I'm hoping.  I know I don't need to strive for something that I'm not, especially in my prayers.  But this adds ideas for me to pray for also.  
For Bible verses on different topics I turn to my The Bible Promise Book published by Barbour Books.  I received this book as a gift when I was a member of Cafemom.com.  I designed tags for different groups there and most of the groups were Christian based only.  I was asked to be a guest designer for a Bible study group and this was the gift they sent me after doing it.  I was so surprised and grateful!  It has been one of the handiest books that I have.  There are lots of different topics in it, from Anger to Worship.
I bought a prayer journal not too long ago.  It is such a pretty book that I have yet to write in it!  I am afraid to mess up the beautiful pages by my messy handwriting.  Isn't that stupid?!  It's called Everyday Prayers Journal and it's also printed by Barbour Books.  This journal is separated by topics also.  There are a few pages for each topic with separate little prayers typed in to help guide and direct you.  I really should use this soon.
There is a book and study guide that I have included in my basket that is also by Stormie Omartian.  It's the Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Wife Prayer and Study GuideI read these books one chapter at a time.  I try to reflect upon them for a week.  If I miss a little bit of time, I will spend a week maybe reviewing and practicing techniques that I've already learned.  I believe if I would really implement these books like I need to things would be more blessed by the Lord for myself, husband and family.
Another book of devotions that I just recently bought and only read one chapter from so far is called The Coffee Mom's Devotional by Celeste Palermo.  This book is 30 devotions that are perfect for busy coffee loving moms.  I really like what I have glanced at and read so far.  But I want to work slowly through this book and practice the techniques that I learn in there also.
Hope for Each Day by Billy Graham is a devotional that I was given as a gift for Christmas this past year.  It has a devotion for each day of the year.  As I stated before, I do forget to read these, so I haven't read each day this year from this book.  But I will probably keep it forever, as long as I am alive and will probably read each day at one time or another.  These are short, easy to read and understand.
The last item inside my basket is a blank journal.  I use this to take notes in, or write down questions that I have.  Maybe I will see somewhere a book or a topic that I want to read, so I write that down.  It's just very handy to have it nearby.  
What do you have in your devotions basket?  If you don't have a basket, what do you have?  Link up with me below to share with others!

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