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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Reason Why by Mark Mittelberg Book Review

Have you ever wished that you could read a simple, yet thought provoking book about why Christians worship God?  Has there ever been a time when you wished that it made just a little bit more sense to you?  Or do you have friends who ask you questions, but you aren’t quite sure how to answer them?

Mark Mittelberg has taken the book The Reason Why by Robert A. Laidlaw and rewrote it to update for our times and standards.  He took a book that explained “in a thoughtful and accessible way why he [Robert A. Laidlaw] was convinced that faith in God makes sense” and put it into a language that we can understand now!  And believe me, you can understand it.

When I chose this book, I was thinking that it would be boring.  I know why I follow God, I just trust and believe.  But I thought there might be some easy ways in the book for me to explain it to friends who ask me questions that I can’t answer.  

The size of the book was a perfect size to fit into my purse!  I was actually starting to like it more and more by the way that it looked and felt.  I am a HUGE book feeler person.  lol  Do you know what that is?  I like the way that certain books feel in my hands.  I have favorite types.  This was one of those types that I liked.  That’s all the more I will say on that topic, before you all start calling the Wacky Farm to pick me up.

Mark Mittelberg took topics such as “Is There a God?”, “Can the Bible be Trusted?” and “Who Was Jesus and What Was His Purpose?” and created chapters from them.  In each chapter he goes into explicit but very simple details.  If you don’t understand why you are a Christian after reading this book, then read it again!  You will soon understand!

I think one of my favorite parts of the book was near the end where there is a place that explains the decision of Salvation.  Mr, Mittelberg than procedes with a prayer to assist those who are ready for that decision.  As I said before, this may be something that you need to do yourself, or maybe this can help you help your friend.  I want all of my friends to be in Heaven with me.  Don’t you?

After I am done with this blog review, I am handing this book to my friend to borrow.  She is a newer Christian and has questions.  I am sure this book will answer some of those for her!  If you or someone you know can benefit from this book, order it from Amazon.com for only $5.99 brand new or lower if you buy a used book today!

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book providing that I write a review in my honest opinion.  I was not persuaded to write this book review in any way.

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