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Monday, October 10, 2011

Hooked On Hope Org

I took the leap and started my own non-profit organization.  Hooked On Hope Oganization blog and Facebook page has been made.  You can go like and follow them if you would!  I would appreciate it so that I can get the word out.  I need some volunteers to help me make some things.  '

I am currently sponsoring a local family that had a house fire.  I am just about done with what I can do for them with just myself and one other person.

I am also taking custom made orders!  I can crochet lots of different things so I'm not limiting myself to just hats or something like that.  Although, I am doing hats.  Lots of different patterns that I am creating myself!  I am so thrilled about this!

This is definitely a leading from God.  It has just been blessed since I've started it.  It's starting slowly but I've already gotten better results that I expected.

Please go check it out and spread the word!  Thanks!!

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