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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Is the Bible Reliable DVD Review

I was given a 2 disc DVD called Is the Bible Reliable to review from Tyndale.  This was a very interesting study.  I really enjoyed it.  It was like I was sitting in the classroom learning with those much younger kids.  The video is put out by Focus on the Family through their Truth Project.  

This was the 2nd in a series, and I definitely want to buy the rest of them!  There were 10 sessions on these 2 discs.  Included was a study guide.  This cute little book fit right into the trendy little box that the DVD and book came in.

Being as these videos are in a college classroom, the instructor definitely taught a lot of historical facts.  That is one of my favorite subjects!  Mix history in with religion and I'm hooked!

I would recommend this series of DVDs to my friends and family.  In fact, I would also recommend this for a teen or adult Bible study group.  I am keeping this video to add to my library and can't wait to get the rest!

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