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Sunday, July 31, 2011

31 Day Better Myself Challenge

Hello!  Sorry I have been MIA for a while besides the occasional book review.  I have been so overwhelmed and busy with my life lately.

Tonight I am blogging to start a new project that I want to do.  I think they say that after three weeks of doing something it becomes a habit.  So-oooooo I was thinking about making some habits.  I need to become better at keeping my dishes washed every day.  So my challenge for myself is to wash my dishes at least once every day in the month of August.

I say once because on days when I have neck pains, migraines, or I may even be working, it might only be possible for me to wash them once a day.

If anyone feels like joining me please do!  I would love to hear about it also.

I think this habit will help me become more organized.  Especially since I do need to go find a job.  I may find it easier to get things done if they are cleaned up better for myself.  After August, I will do another challenge.  I'll have made my dishes getting washed a habit and I can start a new one.

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