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Friday, September 23, 2011

Ascent From Darkness by Michael Leehan

I think it's something that all Christians wonder about.  What would it be like to be under the influence and power of Satan.  How dark and dreary that world must be.

Michael Leehan has written a book about his life and Satan worship.  He is now a saved man, going to church in the very one that Satan had told him to attack and kill the pastor.  Michael writes about his choice to follow Satan and the automatic distance he felt from the God that he didn't believe in when he opened those doors.

This book is written with powerful emotion and stark honesty.  Even though the subject and some of the things that I read about are scary, some horrifying, it was a good book to read.  It fills that natural curiosity enough that you don't really wonder anymore. 

The story of Ascent From Darkness talks about the power and unending love of our Lord Jesus.  Jesus has power over Satan and his devils.  He always loves us and will gladly forgive us, beckoning us back to Him with open arms. 

The appendix included in this book is very interesting material because it is testimonies written by Michael's friends or people that knew of his lifestyle and changes.  I think it's interesting to have someone else's outlook on his situation included in the book.

This review is all of my own thoughts and ideas.  I received this book to review with my honest opinions from Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson books. 

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