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Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Sweet it is....

Right now I am listening to my dog, Messalina, howl because she is separated from us.  Going to go let her out.....

Ok...whew.  Before I let her out she had to be quiet.  She is a neapolitan mastiff that we call Messy.  What a big dog.  They grow for 4 years, up 2 and out 2.  She has been growing 2 years so far.  I am hoping that she grows more out than up because she's tall!  Love her anyways and just learned a very important letter from a friend about enjoying  your dog at the moment even though she is irritating.  lol  

Today I awoke sick to my stomach, with a migraine.  It stems from neck pain which I also have today.  I was in an accident 4 years ago that I will blog about at a later date.  That's a great subject because I am still dealing with it.  I should have taken Amanda to her ballet lesson this morning, but I don't like driving with migraines.  So thankfully Greg took her this morning which worked out perfectly because his dad was going to watch Amanda and I don't want to talk to him.  My mom always taught me if I have nothing nice to say it's better to say nothing at all.

I am now listening to Messy paw and paw with her 3 lb clubs at my sliding glass door, which I sit in front of.  I think one of these days she is going to push my window through.

It was great for Amanda that her dad took her today.  Good bonding for them both.  It was also a nice change for me to stay home with Kyle.  Usually it's me and Amanda together.  I plan on doing some school work today with Amanda.  We did part of our school work on Wednesday and none on Tuesday, so we need to catch up.  But that is the joy of homeschooling!

I need to drag myself out of here at some point today to make it into town before the library closes.  I need the books that are being held for me for some of Amanda's assignments.  I should just do that when I am done with this blog.  And besides washing dishes, I don't have much else planned for today being as I feel so awful.  Migraine, neck pain, cramps and foot pain (self-inflicted injury) are not fun to have all in one day.  Oh, let's not forget nauseous.  And thank goodness for Excedrin Migraine!  They can help so much.  It doesn't take the migraine away, just the pain.  I still feel the pressure of it. 

I am hoping to bear through it well enough to be able to read today.  I sure could catch up on my reading.  I need to move onto some new books.  I guess I really can't get any of this done while I am blogging, so I should go.  See ya later!

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