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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Alright, so I suppose I should make some type of resolutions.  Mostly to give myself some goals for the upcoming year.  I am going to stick with the idea that I got from a book called Writing Down the Days by Lorraine M. Dahlstrom, M. A.  The author suggest to start with three resolutions.  So here is what I am planning to resolve in 2010:


1.  To walk closer to God, to pray more to Jesus and read my Bible daily.  I want to daily be closer and know more about God than I did the day before.  I hope that I never want to stop learning about God and wanting to be His.

2.  To bring more love and patience into my home with everyone that is here, including visitors.  This is something that I need to practice a whole lot more than I do.  I hate having visitors here every day, but we do, so I need to just deal with it.  And deal with it the way that Jesus would. 

3.  To read at least 50 books.  Last year I read 46 books and I was so close to 50.  With each year I can read a few more books.  It's because the kids are getting older and they take less of my time.  That's a good and bad thing.

Ok wait...I want to make one more...

4.  To appreciate EVERY single moment with my children now.  Good and bad.  All of it.

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The Man Crew said...

Dani, those are great goals! 50 books, really?? I'm impressed! I like the one about bringing love and patience to visitors in your home. Once upon a time, Dan and I were practically running a home for teenage boys and they just came and went without any regard for the time, the day or the fact that I needed to know how many people were gonna be at the table for dinner...LOL! It was maddening...but as I look back on it now, also one of my favorite times of my life. So try to remember what drives you buggy now will someday be remembered fondly. I bet you can acheive all those goals...you can do it! The Lord will give you the strength and I'll remind you to take it one day at a time, and you'll be practically perfect in every way in no time at all! *winks*


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