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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bye Messalina

My whole family is upset.  The events of this past week does not add up to a good week.  But in all honesty, I didn't have a bad week.  Just dealing with some issues that are difficult I guess.  
Monday was Kyle's birthday and that seem so long ago.  Kyle had a good birthday.  We took him to the park and Pam and Emy came with us.  Then Pam took us all out for Chinese for his birthday.  Kyle loves Chinese food!  
The day after was Kyle's nutrition test with the chiropractor.  The results of the nutrition test came back with the results that he has a prostate infection.  Nothing came up with dairy or allergies.  But he said the infection could be covering it.  So he put Kyle on some supplements and a strict diet.  He is not allowed dairy or sugars.  Even good sugars right now because of this supplement.  One of the supplements will eat the enamel off of his teeth and since Kyle's teeth are so bad, this is what he said.  "No sugar!"
We've done ok on the diet.  He has had some sugars because it's impossible not to get any.  He is supposed to be drinking water but he can't swallow it.  It makes him gag.  So we found these carbonated waters that are flavored with fruit and no sugar.  But I look  further and see it has aspartame.  My chiropractor and friend told me that aspartame is dangerous.  I decided to do a little research this morning on it and I see both sides argued with research and I really don't know!  
I had to try to teach Kyle to swallow a pill to take these supplements.  He prefers to chew them.  And the one capsule I have to open up and only give him half of the inside he just wants me to pour it into his mouth and he swallows it with his toxic-aspartame water.  

IDEA!! **Maybe I can make my own carbonated flavored water without aspartame!  I will have to research that.**

Wednesday only brought an uneventful and boring day.  But marked a week that I have fought a migraine.  It is a small migraine, but what migraine is good?  I still have the pressure and nausea from one.  This one has pain from my neck up, even though it is not very painful, it is still painful.

Thursday.  I hate Thursday of this week.  After I let the dog out to be with us, it just crumbled from there.  Messalina was sitting by me while I was on the computer.  Amanda walked up to Messy and said "Hi Messy, the best puppy in the whole world." and went to pet her.  Now Messalina ALWAYS drops at our feet when we go to pet her or lays down wherever she can.  She started to lay down.  Amanda kept reaching to pet her.  She kept going down.  I saw Messalinas eyes widen and started to tell Amanda to get back from her.  But before I could, she bit Amanda.  I screamed.  I ran over to Amanda and scooped her up.  She was still standing there with her hand out.  I yelled to Greg that the dog had bit Amanda.  But he had heard her.  

Needless to say, we immediately took care of Amanda and also decided the dog could not live here any longer.  Period.  We would not wait for this to be something worse.  Amanda's hand was not hurt badly enough to take her to the dr.  Thank goodness!  I was scared and nervous all day long.  Anxieties ran high for me.  I spent the whole day nursing Amanda with her injured hand and Kyle with his stomach ache from a prostate infection.  While I have a migraine.

Yesterday, being Friday, was not much better of a day.  We spent the day trying to find a home for Messalina and worrying about the whole situation.  I know I shouldn't worry about it.  And what I really need to do is stop playing it over and over in my head.  It makes my stomach sick.  I have gotten nothing done in my house or for school for 2 weeks now.  Actually, no, I need to correct that.  Nothing done in the house for 1 week, and nothing done for school for 2 weeks.  

Today is Saturday and Amanda has ballet.  She is embarrassed by the bandages on her hand and asked if she could stay home from ballet.  With the week that I have had it sounds like a good plan for me.  I also feel like I can actually get something done today, so I think I will!

As for Messalina, I am sorry to see her go.  We all love her.  Even Greg loves her and is sad to see her go.  But now that I know she needs to go and she can't be trusted with my children, I want her gone.  Like yesterday.  I hate the drawn out good-bye.  I won't let her out of the laundry room during the day besides her potty trips outside because I'm afraid she'll bite again.  I am even leery that she will bite me and I am the closest one to her.  The kids are scared of her now though.  After they were put into their beds last night to watch tv before bed, we let Messy out in the house.  The kids got up to get a drink and they were afraid to come out with her out.  I asked Greg to keep her with him.  The next time they came for a drink, Greg was standing by their drinks with Messy.  He told Kyle that he could pet Messy and he slowly did, but I felt the blood drain out of my body as he did it.  I am just too scared now.  I still love her, but I hate her.  I can't even pet her.  I bought her to protect us.  

Anyways, I can just keep on about this.  But my fingers are getting a little tired and I do have to get up and get that stuff done that I think I can do today!  I wanted to put a couple of my favorite pictures of Messalina up before I log off.

You will be missed Messalina!


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear all of this DD. I truly wish we lived closer so I could have helped you out over this past week. But if it helps, I believe you did the right thing. Normally I would argue and try to train my way through something like this, but your family doesn't need the fear right now... you all need security in every way. The fear that you all had most definatly would have caused more bites. When and if the time is ever right, you know I'm here more than willing to share advice and opinions! But until then **Huge Hugs** momma, you're doing good. <3 you!

The Man Crew said...

Dani...so sorry that all of this happpened. If it's any consolation, Dan and I both think you made the right decision...we agreed long ago never to have a pet that would harm any of the kids, we have so many in and out of the house that it's just not an option to have an 'iffy' dog that can't be trusted. I'm sorry that you are all upset and hurting right now...that will fade with time. We are all here for you, hope you know that. Tomorrow is another day and it's another chance to start fresh. Don't get discouraged about school...that's the glory of homeschool, it's still there if you miss a few days (or a few weeks *winks*) you can teach whenever you want/have time, energy or a desire. And especially at their ages, it shouldn't be too bad to catch up. Remember that ABeka could bury you in paper busy work...feel free to skip some pages or even parts of pages if that concept is already been covered and they 'get it' HUGS TO YOU!!!


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