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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Monday already?

FOR TODAY Febraury 8, 2010...
Outside my window...The sun is starting to peek out of the clouds this morning.  That is a good thing because Kyle wanted to go to the park for his birthday today.  My cat Hemi is meowing at me to let him in.
I am thinking...how busy today is going to be with Kyle's birthday.  My MIL and SIL are coming over around 11am this morning.  We are taking Kyle out to Chinese food for lunch, that is his favorite.  I am taking them to the park today.  And I'm sure FIL and Uncle will be over tonight, as they are almost every night.
I am thankful for...being a mother.  I thank Jesus for giving me my babies.  I love them so much and they make my world.
From the learning rooms...We will do a little bit of school today, but I don't know if I will make Kyle do any.  He will do the Bible study.  Amanda won't get all of her work done today.
From the kitchen...I will be making Kyle's birthday cake today.  Also in the kitchen is reorganizing and cleaning.  Actually, the reorganizing is done.  The cleaning starts now.
I am wearing...grey workout pants with pink stripes down the side, blue fuzzy socks, and a Hubba Bubba t-shirt with a black sweatshirt.
I am creating...new soaps.  I made laundry detergent, dish detergent, deoderant and anti-wrinkle spray.  Next I am making toothpaste and some household cleaners.
I am going...out for lunch at the Chinese restaurant, which we haven't had for a long time and that will be good!  I am taking the kids to the park today.  We are going to a park that is about 20-25 minutes away from us because it is really neat.  It has a little creek that runs through the playground and the kids love that.
I am reading...I want to try to finish Green Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck.  It's helping me to reorganize and clean my house.
I am hoping...that Greg will go to lunch with us today.
I am hearing...the wonderful sounds of just me up in the house. 
Around the house...I want to finish cleaning my kitchen.  Then this week I can start on my bedroom and get my clothes out of the living room.
One of my favorite things...hot coffee in the morning.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Tuesday I am taking Kyle into the chiropractor to get a nutrition test done.  I am hoping to find some of the causes of his stomach aches.  Wednesday is AWANA.  Thursday and Friday will be schooling days.  Saturday is ballet.  Sunday is Sunday school, church, and hand bell practice.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...My husband and kids playing in the snow at Mt. Rainier.  Aren't they all so cute!?!  I love my family!
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