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Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of Work

Today was a messed up day. 

I had the schedule all made out.  We started out and there was a few glitches, so I fixed them as we went.  We were just a few minutes behind, doing just fine.  Then BAM!

My Father-in-law calls.  He thinks he's split his incision too much and bleeding too much.  So he has to have my hubby go over there and fix it.  So the kids had to stop schoolwork and pack a lunch and get things packed to take over there.  We only have 1 car, so they would have to stay there while I was at work.

I can't even imagine how long their day was. 

Nothing was wrong with my Father-in-Law by the way.

So instead of finishing their work while I was gone, schoolwork and housework, they were playing at their grandpa's house.  It's a good thing that I only scheduled 4 days of school this week.  *giggle*

Tomorrow should be more of a normal day I'm hoping.  Hubby and the kids will stay home and do their work.  Even he agreed that needed to be done. 

My day was easy.  I filed, I sorted, I reorganized files and I copied.

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