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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Prayer Journal & More

So last night I put together my prayer journal in my household mommy notebook.  I am still trying to come up with my own name for mine.  Ever since I made mine the first time, I have had pages printed out for each day of the week.  But, I never went back in and put what I do for each day of the week. 

Last night I decided that I was going to use those pages for my prayer journal.  I wanted to separate my prayer topics into different days of the week.  Instead of making a separate page for each day, I just used the ones that I had.  I divided my topics up and assigned them a day.  This will make it so much easier for me to keep up on my prayers and focus my mind on certain issues or people that I forget.

I also cleaned my desk up yesterday so this morning when I wanted to see my prayers, I had enough room to open up my binder and read my prayer requests.  I also wrote my requests in this morning.  That is something I still need to do is fill it in.  So far, the only parts I've filled in besides the requests I got this morning, is my daily reminder to pray for my Secret Prayer Sister at church.

Stinky and I got up this morning and went on a shopping adventure searching for a diary with a lock and keys.  First stop was borders and they had 2.  Just 2.  Next store was the Dollar Store and they didn't have any either.  Into the van and across the intersection to the mall and we hit Office Max and they don't have any.  From there we walked to Claire's Boutique and finally!  Eureka!  First diary we see, Justin Beiber, who Stinky is not head-over-heels-in-love-with (thankfully!) and both are missing lock and key.  We kept searching and searching.  We finally found a couple, but almost all of them were missing the locks and keys!  How crazy!  Why just steal that part?  Must be that many girls out there who lose their lock and key......

Lucky for me, it didn't take Stinky long to choose the one that she wanted, and both lock and keys were there.  She chose a bright pink on that says "Private Property".  It also has a puppy on it and markings that look like they were made with a permanent marker saying "i'm cute...but i BITE!"  It's cute.  Now on this whole search, I was also looking for one for Bubba.  He had to stay home, lying on the couch with a fever and a head cold.  So I was on the lookout for him with his money in my pocket.  I had 3 things to go by:

1. Race cars
2. Orange
3. Locks

So far, I hadn't seen any locking diaries that were suitable for a boy.  The only boy diaries, were actually just journal notepads.  After we left the mall, I still needed to get dinner so we decided to stop at Walmart and check there while we pick up groceries.  There we found a diary for Kyle that we though he'd be happy with and it met 1 out of 3 of his requests.  We found a Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It_Yourself Book by Jeff Kinney.  That's the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books...duh....This certain book is.....orange!!!
This book is neat!

The front half is filled with different sections that are asking him questions, allowing him to draw his own comic strips, and things like that.  Lots of things.  The middle has a few pages of colored comic strips written by Greg, the character in the books.  The last half is blank pages for him to write whatever he wants.  Since he didn't get a lock with it, I gave him an orange rubber band to put around it.  He's happy.

While I was at Borders, I was perusing through the calendar sections.  The big sign says "Calendars $4.99!" so they could hurry up and sell them.  I saw a planner called family_time.mine and I picked it up and checked it out.  The months have big boxes to write in and when it breaks it down into weeks the boxes are big there too.  That is something I always like in a calendar.  The ends of each page are labeled "lists • more lists • crises notes • groceries" and it has perforated edges so you can rip off your list and take it with you if you have to.  There are also big cards included for each season to write your schedule on.  And it goes by every half hour.  Then, of course, they always win me when they include stickers!

The best part was that this planner was included in the clearance sale and it was regularly priced at $17.99!!

This evening, my FIL came over with gifts for Greg and I.  He had ordered us iRenew bracelets.  I have seen the commercials for this and they look like a rip off to me.  But he got it for a gift.  So I will wear it. 

When he is here.

I did a google search on it to see what it does.  Well I find it really strange that the website for these bracelets don't say anything about it at all.  And you know they didn't come with any type of instructions.  Although my FIL did pay an extra $10 for some recharge stickers.  It came with a sheet of holographic stickers, one for each bracelet, but no idea what to do with them.  lol  Then the other things that came up about iRenew were all bad reviews.  They all said it was a scam.  I haven't told my FIL. 

So I've probably blabbed enough.  I want to blog about one more thing this evening but it deserves it's very own post because it's so cute and sweet.

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