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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh How I've Missed Thee!

Since my PC died a few weeks ago, it has been eventful around here. I don't have time to even blog about it all now, so it will save me some blogging topics later on. Right now, I am blogging from my wii. That's right, you understood correctly. My Wii. How strange?! I think it is. I never knew I could get online like this with me Wii. lol But what a pleasant surprise it was!
Unfortunately, on top of everything else that has decided to quit working, my TV was one of them. I had turned it off sometime around 2 or 3 this morning when Stinky had fallen asleep watching tv in bed with me. I tried to turn it on this morning when my sis told me that I could use the wii to get online. Well, it would turn on. So I had to steal the TV out of the kids room, which is just a little bit smaller than mine. But wouldn't you know it, the Wii won't work on it because we don't have a remote to change it to video from TV. So I had to get the 12' tiny Disney Princess TV that I bought Stinky years ago for Christmas. She was 2 so it was 5 years ago. Lol. I have that tiny tv set up on my couch with my Wii there also. It's quite interesting, actually.
I have been crocheting and reading a lot. As well as getting my house in order. It's working well for me! I bought dish drying mats and a new dish drying rack that is chrome instead of the ugly bulky green plastic one I had. It looks much nicer and cleaner up there on the counter. And I also have been keeping up on my dishes all day long so that I don't have a whole pile to do once a day. I have been doing them about 3 times a day and they are keeping up! On top of that, I was finally able to get yeast and flour to make some home made bread in my new bread maker! I am in love with it. I made a loaf for us and a loaf for Jimmy and Jessica (our friends) so far. I want to start another one tonight to take to church for Pastor and Jackie tomorrow. They will both appreciate it and they have done so much for me.
The holidays were good for us. Things went well despite what was going on here and we all were blessed this year.
I have decided that this new year is going to be a year of following the Lord even more closely than I have been. Mostly by doing my duties as a wife and mother. That means that I need to stop feeling like Greg is interupting me when he wants to talk and I am reading. I also need to stop feeling like the kids are bugging me when I am getting work done because they are my babies and they won't be this little forever. I am going to shapen and sharpen my housekeeping skills. I want to keep my house as picked up as possible with 2 kids in the house. Like I said, I have been keeping up on the kitchen and dishes. That has helped me tremendously. Laundry is our next biggest downfall.
I bought some new tubs for the kids to help organize their bedroom more and make it easier to keep it clean. We have seriously re-evaluated the toys also. With such a small bedroom, that is a must!
I am hoping that I will be able to fix my pc soon, because I will not be able to do much school planning on the Wii. I can't use my flash drive with all of my homeschool books and pdf files on it. I can use it at the library though. I think I am going to take a trip there on Monday so that I can do some planning. I didn't want to try and go this past 2 weeks because it was Christmas break and the library is packed with kids. And the favorite place for the kids to hang out? The computers! So I thought I would just wait until Monday and head to the library.
We are experiencing a lot of changes around here and they are mostly for the good! I can't share them all right now but hopefully I can in future posts. I have a couple book reviews to do and I would like to get them done tonight, but I don't know if I will. This wireless connection thing seems pretty testy and doesn't work very well at times. I have not used wireless before so I don't know if this is normal or not.
It is time for me to sign out and get some other things taken care of while I am online. I will be back soon!

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