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Monday, February 28, 2011

Avoiding Homeschool Burnout

Have you ever just hit a wall with homeschooling?  Do your kids whine or complain when it's time to do some school work?  I think that we've probably all ran into this at some time or another.

I have some simple ideas that you may want to use for avoiding homeschool burnout.

One thing that I have done before was change up our routine.  We always start with our Bible reading, and I think that is too important to do first so we can't switch that around.  But after that, we can change it up!  Instead of doing history next, why not do art?  Or instead of just changing the routine you can try something different in your routine.  Have your kids jump on one foot while memorizing math problems.  Or maybe they can parade around the room while memorizing dates or Bible verses.

Giving the kids a different direction besides just sit at your desk and do your work makes it more fun!

Why not try a picnic outside in the sun and do some school work there?

One of my favorite things to do is to recharge myself.  The best way that I have found for that is to attend a homeschool conference of some type.  They are so informative!  You can not only learn about how to teach your children, but they have lots of fun ways to do it!  The guest speaker may have some awesome ideas that will encourage you and your children to do school work.  Or even the panel of attendees that chat have great ideas and they share them joyfully with each other.  I am of course, talking about an online conference.  But there are also great local conferences in many areas!

I am aware of a online homeschool conference that is coming up this year and tickets are even on sale now!  The Homeschool Expo is a wonderful conference with many great speakers.  I attended a day last year and also bought the Expo2Go that contained the mp3 files so I didn't have to miss when I couldn't attend.  If you'd like to join up check this out here http://bit.ly/ExpoGo

Along with the informative guest speakers that will be attending, there are great freebies that are given out with the purchase of a ticket.  For $19.95 you can order the Expo2Go if you can't make it and have access to the freebies and the mp3 recordings.  If you are interested in buying a ticket to join for the whole week of conference in May 2011, you can purchase a ticket for $29.  But you better hurry because pretty soon it goes up to the regular price of $39!

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