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Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Baptisms & Birthdays

My daughter, my Stinky, is getting baptized this Sunday night.  I am so proud of her decision!  This is the biggest decision of her life and she made the right choice.  She had already accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was 5 years old.  So we are preparing for that special evening.

I bought her a new Bible.  A grown-up Bible.  She has her own, but it's NIV and we don't read that at church or in Sunday school.  So I bought her a pink and green King James Version bible.  I can hardly wait to give it to her!  It is all so exciting to me!

She has her bag packed already for the clothes that she will change into after she is baptized.  She is definitely a plan-ahead-person.....like me.

glitter graphics
Glitter Graphics, Happy Birthday Glitter Graphics

On Tuesday of next week, it's my baby's 6th birthday.  My little Bubba.  Bubby.  He's going to be 6!  Did you get that?  6!!  I can't believe it!  No wonder I'm ready for another baby.  He was going to have a friend spend the night tomorrow night, but with me not feeling the greatest, don't know if that will happen now.  Maybe we'll have to reschedule for next weekend.  Tuesday we will have a little family celebration for him and cook or have what he wants for dinner, within reason.  I can't take him out to eat.  Unless he uses his Pizza Hut coupon for his Book-It time.  Maybe that would be a fun thing to do for lunch sometime this week too!

My children are growing up too fast.  Has anyone found a way to slow this down yet?  Let me know if they do.

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