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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bloggerview #1 - Phreckle Face Photography

Welcome to our first Bloggerview!!  Today my guest is Casey at Phreckle Face Photography!  You can check out her blog here and her Facebook page here!  

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

{10 Phreckly Facts about the owner and creator of Phreckle Face Photography}

2) I have been married to the LOVE OF MY LIFE for almost 10 years!! This JUNE will mark our BIG 10 anniversary!!
3) We have two Phreckle Face cuties of our own that keep us hopping! They are the inspiration behind Phreckle Face Photography!!!
4) I am a PNW girl at heart!! Always have; Always will be!!!! No matter where the BIG BAD ARMY may take us; the PNW will always be our home!
5) I LOVE COLOR!!!! My fav colors are apple green and obergene
6) I am currently living in San Antonio, Texas. Learning to love the heat!
7) I lived all across the globe. One of my favorite places was our time spent living in Okinawa, Japan.
8) The vast majority of art work in my home is photo art work!!
9) I LOVE..Let's say that again..I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!
10) One day when we settle down and are no longer moving around; I would love to make a wallpaper photo wall; inspired by Jinky Art!

2. What is the main purpose of your blog?

Today, the main purpose of my blog would be to share my recent work as well as network with other photographers and vendors that love photography as much as I do. I also like to use it to keep a running record of our adventures across the globe!

3. When you started your blog, what was your ideal goal for it?

I started my Phreckle Face blog to share everything I love about photography! The fabulous thing about the web is the ability to network and share your creativity!!

4. What would your ideal day consist of?

Now and days my ideal day would consist of sleeping in!!!! With two munchkins in school we rarely get to sleep past 6AM!!

5. What blogs do you read that inspire you?

Some of my FAVORITE BLOGS are:

1) http://jinkyart.com.au/blog/
2) http://styleberryblog.com/
3) http://pinkletoesblogstalker.com/

6. Can you give us a little example of some of your work?

Thank you so much Casey!  I loved doing this and learning more about you!  Isn't her work just beautiful?  She has such an artistic touch to her photography, it amazes me!  God definitely gave her a talent!

Would you like to participate in Bloggerview?  I would love to interview more blogs out there!  If so, send me your email address, or leave it in the comments below! 

Please be sure everyone to leave a nice comment for Casey too!!

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