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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conserve Water While Washing Dishes

My husband tells me that I wash dishes in the weirdest way.  He has never seen anybody wash dishes like I do.  I learned this nifty way a couple of years ago by reading a book and it helps to save on water.  I have washed dishes like this ever since.

I start with a clear sink and a clean wash cloth.  I put my homemade dish soap on my wet dish cloth and a little in the sink and I wash the sink.  Then I proceed to wash my rinsed off dishes.  I stack them one by one in the clean sink.

When my sink is full, then I can turn on the hot water, rinse them off and set them aside to dry.

If you are lucky enough to have a split sink, you can have both sides washed and emptied, ready to use for clean dishes and rinse them all off.  I suppose a lot of it depends on how often you wash your dishes. ;-)


Me said...

I used to conserve water by having one sink full of wash water and one full of rinse water. But in this house we have really stinky drain plugs - they don't fit and the water won't stay in the sink. You would think I could find the correct drain plug - but nope. So I use lots of water while washing dishes now. OH! I could get a dish pan....thanks for the post, got me thinking frugally again. I just added dishpan to my grocery list.

Anonymous said...

What a cool idea! I have two sinks so I will have to do this. I found you on blog frog and am following you there and here. :) Check out my blog at http://candysfavorites.blogspot.com/ I'm a christian mom and I also love to read. :)


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