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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Month of May

My calendar is already filling up for the month of May!  I can't believe it.  I have 5 doctor appointments, 2 meetings, 3 nights of AWANA, a fire station open house, appointment to get cats fixed, a dinner at church and court (if I get to actually go this time).

Then of course, what I've been waiting for for quite a while.  The Schoolhouse Expo!  It's a homeschool convention that is online during the week of May 16-20.  I am so excited!!

Last year, I didn't get to attend the Expo.  But I did purchase the Expo to Go tickets!  And as a nice little give away, they allowed everyone who had bought Expo to Go tickets to attend the Expo live on Friday.  I was ecstatic about that because that was the day that my favorite Christian fiction author, Tricia Goyer, was speaking that day!  I learned so much that day and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  Greg even took off for the afternoon with the kids for me I believe!

The nice thing about the Expo to Go was that when I received the mp3 files to download, I could listen to them at my own leisure.  And I could keep them too after I downloaded them to my computer.  I also received the devotions that were done each morning which was a nice bonus!

I hear that the Schoolhouse Expo is already sold out this year!  Wow!!  But you can still buy the Expo to Go!  It's $19.99 and you get access to 40+ sessions, including  Devotions with Deb and A Minute with Molly!  Believe me, if you are a homeschooling Mom, you don't want to miss this homeschool convention!

If you still need further proof that it is the best online convention and you don't want to miss it, check out the Vendor Hall.  From here you can see all of the vendors and click on their links.  You may even find some cool freebies!

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