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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Fight of Our Lives Book Review

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but the book that I recently read for a review was just not one I could follow.  Maybe I would need to be better informed about current events and such and I’d understand this book more.  I don’t know.

The Fight of Our Lives by William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn sounded like a great book to read.  The full title is The Fight of Our Lives Knowing the Enemy, Speaking the Truth & Choosing to Win the War Against Radical Islam.  

I wish that I could say that the authors do a good job explaining this subject, but honestly, I didn’t understand much of what I read.  I understood parts of the book, but I was so lost that I couldn’t fit it into what I had been reading.  

The authors seemed to jump around a lot to me.  I am wondering if this book would be better read by someone who has kept up with these issues more than I have.  I am sorry to say that I haven’t kept up with it enough to follow.

This book was given to me by Thomas Nelson publishers and Booksneeze.com to read and review in my honest opinion.  I was not persuaded to write my post in any way.

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