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Friday, May 13, 2011

Schoolhouse Expo is Nearing!

I am so excited for next week!  It starts on the 16th! Only 3 more days!  

I have made sure that everyone close to me knows that I will be busy next week, all week.  Please don’t disturb me during the Expo!  I even made sure that I went to meet my lawyer this week instead of next week so I don’t have to miss anything!

The closer it gets, the more excited I become!  Today I downloaded the whole schedule and the other items that were ready for download.  Now I just need to find a way to print them all out.  I don’t have any ink.  Maybe I’ll head down to the library with a pocketful of change.

If you haven’t already bought your tickets and you’d like to hear all of the recordings then you can check out this link and give The Old Schoolhouse Magazine all of your precious info to buy the Expo2Go package!  You won’t be sorry!  I bought those tickets last year and was still glad that I had.  The neat thing about buying all of the sessions this way is that you can listen to them at your convenience.  It is $19.99 that is well spent!

How many days until it’s here again?

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I totally agree! I'm really looking forward to the Expo next week. I've listened to the downloads from the one this past October, but this will be the first one I've been able to attend live. Hooray!


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