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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

History and Heart Ache

As I sat here on my computer on Sunday night, my TweetDeck updates started flashing like crazy.
Osama Bin Laden is dead.
Wow, I thought.  I hurried into the other room and told Greg and his dad.  Then I hurried back in here and started searching on the net for more information.  I sat here most of the night and watched videos, the live presidential speech and reading different news articles.

What a historic moment that was.  This year has already been making history!  Earthquakes, tornadoes, shootings, terrorism, bombs and more.  Even the Royal Wedding!

I have sat here the past couple of days watching the different comments made by people about this shooting of bin Laden.  I am amazed at what some people who are advertising that they are Christians actually say!  It just blows my mind away.

I am not writing this post for discussion or debate about this, so I won't even put in my opinion of the matter here.

Monday morning I wake up early.  I have to have Kyle to his doctor appointment by 9:15am, it's a 20-25 min.drive, I need to stop and get donuts for breakfast and gas first.  I was in a hurry to get to the doctor on time and I was in a hurry to get back home because Greg had a doctor appointment that he needed to get to.  We actually did hurry and I got back in time for Greg to leave for his doctor appointment.

But something was amiss when I got home.  He should have been waiting for me so he could leave.  Instead I found the door unlocked.  When I came in, I found his bracelets and knife which he always wears.  His pistol and rifle were both where they were supposed to be.  There wasn't any note of any kind.  His Bible was was misplaced and his meds were all sitting out.

I went next door, his sister lives there and she told me that he might be at the hospital.  An ambulance came and took him.  So I came back here and called ER and yes, he was there.  I was patched through to his room and was able to talk with him.  He had been having some bad chest pains and decided to call 911 just in case.  He didn't want something to happen and me and the kids walk in the door with him laying there.  I went up and sat with him at the hospital while he waited for the test results from x-rays and blood tests done.  And EKG was done in the ambulance and another at the ER and they both had good results.

After drawing more blood and going through a CAT scan, they tell us that his heart looks in perfect condition, his lungs sound healthy and clear and they think it's some sort of heartburn or something to do with his esophagus.  He made an appointment with is regular doctor and with is internal specialist.

We were at the hospital for a little over 8 hours.  It was a long day.  I was gone from the house for 11 hours.  After we picked up the kids from our friends house who had nicely taken them for me, it was that long.  I didn't get to do any housework or schoolwork done because I was gone.  I wanted to do school all week this week, so much for that.  But I would have rather not done that, than had a hubby that was dead or sick. 

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