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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hemi Has Returned!

We are all soo happy!  Hemi showed up tonight.  He is hurt though, but we are so glad he came home finally!  After a full week! I am so thankful that he came back.  I didn't want my cat to be hurt and missing, and it hurt even more that it hurt Amanda.  I called a vet and we've got an appointment to take him in.  I am sure hoping that the Lord will provide for us to pay for a vet bill.  I don't have any money to do that.  I will on Tuesday, but not until then.  
We just couldn't believe when we opened the door and the cat was there.  I couldn't stop looking for him.  And I turned to look out the door and there he was!  Just sitting there.  I yelled, "Oh my goodness!  There's Hemi!"  It was just amazing.  I did not think that he was coming back. 
I wonder where he was and how long he laid until he decided he could come home.  By the sap things stuck to him we know that he wasn't laying in our yard.  Anyway, that story isn't for us to know I guess.  We are all just thankful that he is home!
And his motor hasn't turned off since he has come inside.  That's my boy!  I named him Hemi because he purred so much and so loud.

Anyhow, I am going to go lay down and read.  I started a new book last night called Pathway to Purpose for Women by Katie Brazelton and picked one back up that I laid aside for a while called Inside The Revolution by Joel C. Rosenburg.  Both of these are books on my Spring Reading Thing 2010 list for the month of April.  
I really need to plan on doing some school tomorrow.  This week hasn't worked well for us.  Today I felt so much better but I was so busy that I didn't have a chance to do school work.  But the kids made their own crazy hat for Crazy Hat Night at AWANA, so that counts as art.  Yesterday, even though I felt so sick that I didn't teach, Amanda read 2 stories out of her reading books to me and Kyle.  And they've both been making Easter decorations, so that is more art class.  lol  Wow, we've been doing school after all!
I made a trip to the dollar store today.  I love our dollar store.  They have a lot of school supplies.  And not just pens, papers, etc.  Bulletin board borders, alphabet boarders, educational posters, stickers, flash cards and sentence strips.  There is a lot more.  Today I bought 4 educational posters; 2 on planets, 1 on punctuation and the other on nouns, adverbs, etc.  I also got the kids little aprons that they can wear when they are painting or cooking.  I also bought the kids each a new sketching pad of paper.  They loved the other ones they got for Christmas and have used them up.
Ok ok.....I know....I said I was going to go read.  I am feeling a little chatty.  I guess if I bored you already you would have already stopped reading.  You probably already have!  lol

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