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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Lil Man

This morning I was awakened at about 3:30-4am listening to Kyle cough.  It's not bad coughing, but he coughs every 15 min. or so.  I got up and put some Vicks on his chest.  As I laid back down in bed and cuddled up to me I could see his profile out of the corner of my eye.  
This little boy is such a snuggler.  One of my ultrasound pictures shows Kyle's nose nudged into my uterus as close as he can get it.  To this day, he still loves to bury his nose somewhere into me.  He says he loves the smell of his momma!
I think back on that picture and remember the shape of his lips in the profile.  I remember thinking that his mouth was kinda like Amanda's but his top lip stuck out a little further.  Then I remember wondering if he would look like that when he was born.  And he did and still does!  It is just such a miracle to me that I can see a picture of him growing in my womb and know what he was going to look like, to a point.  
Then I think about the women who have abortions, especially the later ones, and wonder how can they say that baby is not a real person?  Mine was!  And still is!  But that is not the point of my blogging this morning.
I thank God for giving me Kyle because He knew that I needed this little boy to even out my family.  I needed a low maintenance person/child and someone who is happy and tries (most of the time) to be in a good mood.  I love Amanda dearly, but she is quite a demanding person and extremely strong-willed.  Kyle is laid-back and always laughing or smiling.  He can play by himself and laugh with himself.  He loves to learn, share, make others happy even at his own cost, smell me!, be a boy with his Daddy and make me laugh!  The boy has been laughing and smiling since he figured out he could!  
Kyle comes up with some of the cutest ideas.  K-Hey Mom?!  I know why they call Super Man superman. 
Me-Why Kyle?
K-Because he's Super and a Man!
He has this idea for many many things!  
K-It's a hot dog because they are hot and made out of dogs!  lol  I love that one....
He is such a loving child also.  He loves all people and is very tender-hearted.  It's very easy to hurt his feelings.  He gets very excited about Jesus and often amazes me with his thoughts on God.  He's eager to learn all that he can, which is why he started Kindergarten a year early and is now doing a lot of the schoolwork with Amanda.  
I am so proud of my Little Man and love him so much!  And he is so much like me in many ways.  
Some pictures of My Boy:
It seems I will have to upload pictures onto Picasa because there is no longer an option to upload from my PC.  Hmmmmmm..........Nope you can still upload from here, but it's a different button.  And it won't work.  Hmpf on Blogger!
Ok I figured it out, it was not difficult nor time consuming to add some pictures to Picasa.  I will upload from there and hopefully it will work!  *fingers crossed*
Yay it worked!!
This first picture shows Kyle when he was about 2 years old I think and he wore Daddy's gloves to bed.  lol
 My Little Man brings me flowers all of the time!
 This is Princess Belle that we met.  Kyle was so in love with her and said he was going to steal her from The Beast.  Her face here is right after he had kissed her!  lol  My camera then was too slow to get the kiss, but it's priceless to get the face after!
 Always grinning!

 He was my Chubby Bubby when he was a baby.  He's so skinny now!  lol
 Awe, one of my favorites.  Right after he was born.  Always such a good little boy.

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