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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Holy Week Devotion

For my Holy Week I am going to cut down my hours that I spend online and cut down the hours the kids watch tv or play video games.  The kids have already cut down really so that won't be hard at all.  So here's my commitment:

1.  I will only have 2 hours of online time each day this week, from Sunday to Sunday.  This is social online time.  If I need to do something for school, this does not count.  Likewise if I blog as I expect to have lots of time that I feel like writing or expressing myself.  

2.  I am going to spend more time pouring over my Bible this week.  The kids are also going to be doing more Bible school work than other subjects this week.

I am hoping to have a restful and inspiring week led by My Lord, Jesus Christ.  I will be checking in on my journey for Holy Week Devotion, so keep checking!  And why you are at it, why don't you try to do this yourself?

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