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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...it looks like the weather is going to decide to be rainy and stormy today.  I am soooo ready for Summer and warm weather.  Sunshine.

I am thinking...that I need to get something done today.  Yesterday I felt so awful I didn't do anything.  I'm sure my hubby would appreciate some clean dishes.  lol

I am thankful for...God's protection.

From the learning rooms...I don't know what we'll get done today.  I should at least work on our Easter study if nothing else.

From the kitchen...I think just about every dish is dirty.  It happens so fast!  I hate washing dishes by hand.

I am wearing...my pajamas still.  Maroon sweatpants, Gray sweatshirt

I am creating...new Easter tags!  Well probably by the time I get to them, Easter will be over, and I'll be making Spring tags.  lol

I am going...into town later to cash our paycheck and do our errands.  Nothing exciting.

I am reading...Book 7 of A Series of Unfortunate Events The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket.  I enjoy reading this series and finding out what perils the Baudelaire children go through next.

I am hoping...that my children will try their hardest not to fight today.  But sadly, it seems that isn't going to happen already.  We might all end up in bed today.  Maybe I am secretly hoping for that!  lol

I am hearing...Amanda act dramatic because she has only found 2 pennies and she can't buy anything with 2 pennies.  She's working Kyle to give her some money.  Mom won't let that happen though ;-).

Around the house...who knows.  I have a lot that I should do today.  But really, I should spend a lot of time with my Bible today.  Yesterday was just an awful day and I had no frame of mind to do anything, literally.  I just existed yesterday.  I need to get into my Bible though.  Maybe I can find something small to do in the house that won't use up a lot of my energy but will also make me feel like I accomplished something.  I need to wash dishes for sure, lol.  Maybe I can reorganize my school area.  I'd really like to take some pictures and show ya but my batteries died in my camera and I can't get more until I go to town later this afternoon.

One of my favorite things...something that has been on my mind the last few days is smells of things that I love.  My favorite thing to smell, and you may find this very strange, is the smell of brand new books and coffee.  I know, I said you may find it strange!  My favorite place to walk into is Borders Book store with the coffee shop inside.  I walk in and every try inhale deeply and just savor the aroma.  In fact, I am thinking of it so much, and now actually craving it, I may go to Borders today.  My hubby felt generous this morning and gave me money to buy a new book.  He can be sweet when he wants to!  lol

A few plans for the rest of the week:  I have dramatically cut down the hours I spend on facebook this week.  I am in doing it because this is Holy Week.  My goals for this week is to draw closer to God.  I said yesterday it really didn't happen.  I prayed daily and talked to God.  But there wasn't any studying of The Word or teaching of it.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...well since blogger to the option to upload from my desktop, I can't seem to upload pics without going to picasa first and uploading there.  That takes too much time for just one photo.  So until I can get this to work, no photos today.
 AHA!!  If I go back into the post to edit, then the regular upload thing comes up and I can upload from my PC.  So this picture is a picture of a tree that fell in my backyard 2 weeks ago.  The window you see here is our Master bathroom window.  My hubby and I were in there talking when the tree fell and it scared me!  But notice that the grace and protection of God guided that tree.  It fell right between the house and the fence, without ruining either!  We were so thankful for that!  Below is the view that I saw from our bathroom window after the tree stopped moving.

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