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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Greg and I have come to the conclusion that Hemi is not coming back home.  Today is the 3rd day that he has been gone.  Something must have happened to him.  I am upset about it.  Amanda is still taking it pretty good, but she has hope.  She is still expecting him.  I guess that I still do because I keep looking outside for him.  I haven't tried calling because I don't want Amanda to get upset, she tends to be ok until she thinks I am worried about it.  So I have been very positive that he is coming home soon.  I don't know if that's good or not.....I hate to leave false impressions.  Probably tomorrow I will tell her what I think.  
I hate it when my cats just disappear.  There is always that wondering.  What happened to them?  I guess living in the woods I know to expect the cats to go missing.  And living next to a busy road is also another thing I should expect.  I know he didn't just run away.  This has been the only home he knows.  We got him as an extremely young kitten.
Greg's friend had found a whole bag of them at the river, they had been abandoned.  He gave us Hemi.  He's been here for 5 years.  
So now we've lost a dog and a cat in the past month.  So sad.  I warned Greg that there will probably be questions for a new kitten.  Not only from Amanda, but from myself.  I just got 2 cats and now I'm back to one.  

I sure hope he shows up soon....

1 comment:

Survivormama said...

So sorry about your cat, hopefully he will come home soon..love the picture of him and the little girl..so cute!


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