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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Do You Pick Your Books?

This question came from Callapidder Days blog and rather than post my weirdness as a comment, I thought I'd just share it with you!  lol
I have a system to how I read my books.  There is a shelf in my bedroom that has my books that I want to read on it.  I have them lined up, in order.  lol  The order was determined by genre (I had them mixed up so I wouldn't get bored), but now determined by order of purchase.  When I want to read a book, I grab the first book and read it. Sometimes I have to skip past it for certain reasons and that is ok.  When I buy new books, those books go to the end of the line.  Unless I have been waiting a long time for the book or am just way too excited to read it and it goes right in front!
I had to come up with this system because it takes me waaaaaaaay too long to decided which book to read.
So now you know some of my weird-ness.  I hope you enjoyed!  lol

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