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Monday, April 19, 2010

Chelan Camping Trip

What a fantastic and relaxing weekend we had.  It was great and the view that we had was so majestic that you couldn't help but praise God all weekend long!

The drive there was not bad.  The kids fared well.  Kyle didn't start to whine until the last half hour.  I think it was around a 4 hour drive, so that isn't bad.  

I knew that the last 20 minutes of the drive would be on a gravel/dirt road with lots of switchbacks to climb the hill.  "We're on the other side of that hill," is what I was told.  I looked up the hill, and oh my......

Before I go any further, let me tell you that I don't care for heights too much, or small untended roads that are close to the edge.  We started up the hill and I got extremely nervous.  But I didn't want the kids to do that, so I kept my mouth shut.  Boy were we climbing though.  I was kinda apprehensive to see what was on the other side and where we'd be driving.

When we got up to the top, finally, it was beautiful.  You could see forever.  But I was still nervous.  We looked over and could see trailers and a big rock, where we had been told that we were staying, and I thought, "Oh my goodness, is there any flat ground?  It looks like we are going to roll right off that hill!"  

As we came around the corner and up more of a hill, we could see 5 doe staring at us on the ridge of the hill.  It was right up from the trailers where we were going to be staying.  That was quite a welcome!

Then we took a sharp right and went down a steep hill the the trailers.

The cabin that you can see, and all of the junk, belongs to some other guy who built that on their property and wasn't supposed to.  It definitely took away from the beauty of the place.  The trailer that you can see in front of the rock is where Jimmy and Jessica stayed.  You can't see our trailer yet.  We still have another steep hill to drive down.  When we got to the bottom there was a camper and a trailer.  We could stay in either.  We chose the trailer because it was larger.  Some guy who had lived there or something before had shot up I don't know how many bottles of glass and there was glass scattered all over the ground down below.  ALL OVER.  So I spent the whole weekend yelling at the kids to stop running down there and not to sit down and play in the dirt down there.  I have no idea where the nearest hospital was and didn't feel like chancing any glass cuts.  That was definitely one drawback.  Along with the fear of rattlesnakes.  They are definitely there.  Jimmy and Jessica tried to reassure us that they are still hibernating, but we weren't taking any chances.  So the kids had to stay in the dirt only.  No brush walking or rock exploring.

From our campsite, you could see Lake Chelan, miles of the Columbia River, an airport, a dam and lots of mountains and snow.  I took a panoramic picture of the view.  I didn't get it lined up quite right, as you can tell on the road by the big rock, but you get the idea. 

That night we had a small fire down by our campsite and the kids roasted marshmallows.  

The next day the guys and Jessica wanted to go fishing.  So we headed out for a small drive to fish by Chief Joseph Dam.  We made the kids wear their life jackets anytime we were near water so if they happen to fall in, we could get them easier and they would not drown.  The water dropped off pretty quickly there.  
The first place we stopped to fish, their lines were getting caught and no bites.  Actually, the same thing happened at the 2nd place also.  No fish were caught for dinner.  But I got lots of pictures.

Jimmy had bought kites for the kids because it gets so windy up there.  So he had set up 2 of the kites on fishing poles, which the kids loved.  This was the first kite-flying experience for my kids.

I had brought Bible lessons for the kids to do all weekend.  Seana and David loved that!  They want to start going to church with us. The first lesson they learned about Joseph and his coat of many colors.
 That night was a mellow night.  Just hanging out.  Relaxing.  This first picture is looking up the giant rock at night.

The next day we spent the day at camp.  Well, us girls and kids did.  The guys ran around all day doing whatever guys do.  I know guns, targets and running into town for supplies were involved.  I taught the kids another Bible lesson about Joseph being sold as a slave by his brothers.  

The kids had a parade for me also.  Kyle was the Seafair Pirates.  If you don't know what they are, check them out here.  They are in a lot of our parades around here and they really interact with the crowd.  They are so funny.  They even have a pirate ship float that shoots a canon.  It's so loud, but they have it every time!  Some of the pirates drag their swords on the ground and that is what you see Kyle doing with his red light saber.  (ps My Great-uncle was a Seafair Pirate)

Then came the morning that we had to pack up and leave.  Don't you hate that feeling of I-want-to-stay-here-but-I-want-to-go-home?  I do.  I wanted to come home, sleep in my bed (couch) and see my kitty.  But I loved the relaxation there.  And just hanging out.  It is so much easier to clean a trailer!  I picked it up every morning!  lol
So while the adults were packing up that last morning, I had Seana read the last Bible story to the kids.  She read the story about Joesph going to prison.  Then we all loaded up and headed home.

This rock here was a great outlook point.  And we stood on it quite a bit just to look out and down.  It made me really dizzy though to stand here and look off the rock.  Actually, I was dizzy a lot this weekend, lol.  Heights and me just don't go well together.  I am glad that nobody rolled of the hill.  It was flatter than what I expected when we were actually at the trailer.  

On the way home Kyle was eating Doritos and decided to share with Tigger.  You can't tell from the picture of Tigger very well that his mouth and tummy is orange from eating them.  But you can definitely see Kyle's mouth!  I should have gotten a picture of his hands also!  And I snapped a shot of each family member and my seat area.  I was set up for the ride home.  I had my creamer, coffee, coffee mug and book.  lol  I decided to throw in a page from the book that I am reading also.  It's called Inside The Revolution by Joel C. Rosenberg.

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