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Friday, April 2, 2010

Who Am I?

I am a Christian woman trying hard to be the best that I can and lead as many as I can to Jesus.
I am a wife that doesn't always understand but is going to stick around until the end.
I am a mother that was "meant to be" and takes so much joy in her children.  Every breath, every smile, every small little movement and thought.  

I am a teacher that yearns to teach all of the information that I know to people of all ages.

I am a researcher and I am constantly learning new things.  There is no rhyme or reason to what I learn, just whatever tickles my fancy at that time.

I am a church member that follows the  drive to serve in many ways to help out my church family that has helped me so much.  
I am a musician that enjoys the many roads and avenues that I can take in this world.  From dancing, to singing, to playing the flute, to playing the hand bells and sharing the love of music with my children who are little solo artists themselves!

I am a sister that wants nothing but the best for her little sister and will take care of her at almost any cost.

I am an aunt that just can not get enough of her little niece that lives across the country.  I am an aunt that sees her 2 nephews almost every day walking to their cars or into their house and know they are safe.

I am a cat lover who loves every little thing about cats, except for being licked by them and the smell of their breath.   

I am a huge fan of books; the smell, the feel, the looks, the weight and the sound!  Without books, I would not be me!

I am a nerd, geek, dork, bookworm or whatever it is you want to call me!  I proudly wear those labels!

I am a coffee-drinking-mug-collecting-caffeine-all-day-long-bean-smelling woman.  I think that gets most of that point across!  

I am not a "neat-freak" but extremely organized.  You would never know it by looking at my house.  And I am working on the not being a "neat-freak" part.

I am not a chef, cook or baker.  I do not enjoy being in the kitchen unless I am eating something!

I enjoy reading a book while laying in the sun.  

I am a camera-toting novice who loves to take pictures of things that nobody else really sees the beauty in, or has the interest in.  

I am a creative woman and enjoy using my talents to make others happy.

I like to be with kids.

I am a daughter who fiercely loves her Daddy and proudly wears another label of "Daddy's Girl".  I am also a daughter who yearns for a relationship that she can't have.   
I am a close friend to a few that I would do just about anything for.  

I am loyal.
I am silly!

I am a sheep lover!  They are even more special to me because of my Lord Jesus, who is the Lamb of God.
There is much more that I am, but mostly, I am just the Me that God created me to be!    

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