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Monday, April 12, 2010


Saturday, while I was in town, I stopped at Safeway for gas.  Now mind you, for all of my new readers, I am going through an accident case from 4 years ago.  I was hit in my mini-van, both of my kids in the car along with my mom and a friend.  My mom's wrist was broken, I ended up with whiplash, my friend also had whiplash, the seatbelt that Amanda was in at that time (5-point harness) had hit her neck.  Kyle was not yet a year so we really don't know if he was hurt, he was still in his backwards carseat.
My injury gave me migraines and degenerative bone disease.  I got a lawyer and didn't start to settle my case until I knew that I was not going to get better and might as well close it.  So I started that and it's taken a year or so to finish it all.  We went in for negotiations but they don't really want to negotiate with us.  So we are taking them to court.  They agree their client caused the accident, they agree that I am in as much pain as I am (I had to be checked by their dr. also) but they don't agree it's caused by the accident.  So stupid.  We are scheduled for court June 7 of this year. 
Anyhow, the reason the story pertains is because I am extremely paranoid to drive now and have been since the accident.  I am always cautious and slow.  ALWAYS.  I was in the Safeway parking lot and some lady just backed right out of her stall and backed into me.  Right into Kyle's sliding door.  That's where he sits.  I saw her but it was too late.  I turned really fast to make sure Kyle was not going to be hurt and that of course, hurt my neck.  We rocked pretty good.  
I pulled around and we both got out and looked at the door.  There is a dent for sure.  It's caved in.  Now my door is catching when we open it.  She asked me twice, "Are you sure that wasn't there?"  Yea lady, I'm sure, you just hit me.  Seriously??  The nerve.
So now here I go...back to the chiropractor go me and Kyle on Wednesday.  Make sure nothing is hurt.  Kyle did tell me that he got hurt on the inside of his leg, where the seatbelt pulled on him.  I hate those 5-point harness.  
My lawyer's office actually called this morning, I was going to call them.  I let them know.  
I also called the insurance of the other lady.  I had to put the claim in.  I want to sell this van soon.  Plus now the door is grinding.  Greg is taking it in tomorrow for an estimate.  Then we will know what to tell them.  
I will be posting pictures soon.  I need to take a few more.  I will also be posting pictures of the Daffodil Parade on Saturday.

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Unknown said...

My goodness Dani I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you, I hope you all make a speedy recovery and everything works out.


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