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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day

What a glorious Easter day this has been.  I rose this morning happy that my kitty slept with me all night.  That is a wonderful sight!  Our morning was very relaxing for us and we had to be at church an hour earlier for breakfast.  It is amazing.  Usually Sunday mornings are hectic for us and Amanda and I fight.  This morning was easy breezy!
Church was nice this morning also!  I had my hubby there with me, along with his cousins and their kids.  They don't attend church and it's nice to have everyone with me.  I performed 3 songs with the hand bells and I believe that I even have videos to post.  Although, I want to see them first, since I didn't record them.  
After church Greg's cousins came over and the kids had an Easter egg hunt outside and then decorated a couple of cookies.  They have fun doing those things.  I do have pictures to show off, but I think I may wait until later to post them.  It takes so long with blogger and I am very tired.
I am going to do something that will wake me up a bit.  Don't know what that is.  I've had 3 cups of coffee and I am still ready to fall asleep.  I'm sure I'll catch my 2nd wind here soon and post my pictures. 

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