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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Making Peace out of Confusion

I found a link on another blog that was something I would find useful.  It's a website LibraryThing.com and it is incredibly helpful for homeschooling moms.  It allows you to catalog all of your books and then print out the list.  This will make it so much easier for me to plan my lessons!  I won't have to keep getting up and checking out books, or piling them all up in front of me to go through.  Now I can just grab my catalog of books, look at my list and see what I need.  The books that had different subjects in them, I put those subjects into the tag lines.  Here is a link to see my catalog and you can also make one of your own!
In order to use this efficiently, I need to go through my books.  That also means that I don't want to catalog books that I am done using or won't use anymore.  So I have weeded out all of those books.  Then I re-organized my shelves with all of our school stuff on them.  I also got rid of some of the kids books that we don't need anymore.  This helped to make more room to put some of the books that were up too high for them to reach, but they should have access to, down to their level.  The kids had to clean out their shoe-boxes.  These are just those foldable laundry hampers.  I use them to put their shoes, jackets, bike helmets and other outside toys in.  This makes things so much easier!  So now my school area is just about all clean.  There are a few loose ends that I need to tie up.  But more than likely, those will be done tomorrow.  I am tired and going to tackle things that I need to do while sitting down!  lol  I finished cataloguing my books so I really should do some typing.  
I have lots of things to type; packing lists, recipes for church cookbook, recipes for myself and it seems like there is something else.  I have a whole list in my household notebook.  

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