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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sometimes I just don't wanna....

Today I have made a decision that was extremely hard for me to make!  Ok....you better sit down because you are not going to believe this!

Ok a few months ago, I bought a new book that looked great!  

Along with this book, I bought the study guide.  Sometimes I really like the study guides that go along with books.  But this one....not so much.  The book is really good though and I'm learning a lot from it!  They study guide really isn't that bad, it just makes it longer for me to read the book.  Instead of just sitting down to read the book I need to get the study guide, a pencil, my lapdesk and Bible.  Then I read and after I finish a chapter I have to stop to do the study guide.  All of this work makes me not want to sit down and read this book and it has taken me forever.  
So I made a decision today...I am not going to read the study guide.  Now the thing that bothers me most is that I will be letting the study guide go to waste.  I will probably keep the study guide, just in case I want to read the book again and finish the study guide.  I am pretty sure that I will keep the book.
Hopefully now that I have ditched the study guide, I will want to read the book even more.  I want to finish it really soon so I can start a new one!  lol  Onward reader....
I am still reading the first part of the book that talks about al Queda, jihads, Sunni, Osama bin Laden and many other fearful names.  But after 2 more chapters I will be done with part one.  I am curious to start the section about Jefferson followers because I really have absolutely no idea what those are.
Now that I have shared these thoughts with you, I am going to go in, sit down, and read this book.  I have finished the school work for the day.  I still need to wash dishes, so maybe I will do that first, then sit down to read.  

Good page turning to you!

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