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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bedtime Prayers With My Children

At night I say a prayer over my kids after they are done saying their prayers...

Dear Jesus,

Please send your angels to watch over Stinky and Bubba and keep them safe tonight.  Keep everything evil out of their hearts, the souls, their minds, their dreams and their bedroom.  In Jesus name we pray, amen.

This picture here of them sleeping together is early in the morning.  When they go to bed at night they are in their own beds.  But they end up in bed with me just about every night.  And that is something that I am willing to endure and actually enjoy, as weird as that is to some parents, because some day my children will be too big and grown up to lay down with Mom.  I am taking every advantage to spend time with them now in ways that I won't be able to do in the future.  That is also another reason why I homeschool, to spend more time with my kids!

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