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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost in my Books

Even though I think that I post mostly for myself, I am sorry for my absence lately!  I have been busy busy reading!  Right now I am reading Emma by Jane Austen.  I just started it and it's a 437 page book with small print.  I want to hurry up and finish it because I got a free book in the mail and they want me to write a review for it.  So I want to hurry up and write the review and get a new free book!  lol

The new book is called A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller.  It is a new series of Christian books written for teens.  This is the first of The Mysteries of Middlefield.

I have also checked out a few books from the library that I really want to start reading.  One book that I got is called Thinking Organized For Parents and Children by Rhona M. Gordon, M. S. CCC/SLP.  I doubt that I will fully read this book, I am mostly going to just flip through and peruse and see what will work for me.  And for the kids.  That is the toughest.  But I'm getting there....

One of my new projects that I want to start while I am renovating my backyard is making a compost pile.  So I found this book called Van Patten's Organic Gardener's Composting and I want to read that too!  I only have the library books for 3 weeks, so I need to get myself busy!  I have read 90 of the 437 pages of Emma so far, lol.

So really....why am I sitting here telling you all about this when I could be reading?  lol  Who knows.  I suppose I should go and read.  I am enjoying this book for the most part also.

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