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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Show and Tell in May 2010


Last Friday evening, for Ladies Night at church, we had a missionary visitor from Bangladesh.  She brought with her clothes that are worn there for all of us ladies to see.  For this Ladies Night, daughters were included no matter the age, so Stinky got to attend one with me.  She was even asked to be a model for the small fashion show to share the clothes that were brought.

Stinky, my princess, my little drama queen, the actress of all, is to say the least, excited.  She puts her outfit on....and of course....is disappointed.  :-(
She was upset that the pants were too long and they wouldn't stop going under her shoes.  We tried folding them under, but they just kept falling out.  It took some talking into and also a little of, that is just what you are going to wear and that's it! to make her happy.  I thought that she looked beautiful in it and the pants were something that Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin would wear.  So after everyone else was dressed, and a few of the girls that were supposed to be there didn't show up, I was asked to wear an outfit.  I said, sure, I was up to wearing an outfit.  I was given the outfit for a Muslim woman who had a fair amount of money.  The dress that I wore over my clothes was very beautiful.  I loved the way that it flowed and twirled.  It was comfortable also, which is always an added plus!  Because I was portraying a Muslim woman though, I needed to have all of my hair covered.  That was a difficult thing to do when I didn't have any clips to use to clip the covering into place.  So I did the best that I could to stay covered.  And of course, Jackie asked if I would wear my outfit the whole evening, as I was doing part of a little reading skit later in the evening.  So I agree to that also.  Well after the fashion show was done and food was going to be served, everyone else changed!  Well, Kimmy stayed dressed, but hers wasn't as obvious as mine, lol.  I took the hair covering off to eat.
I wish that I would have taken a better picture of my dress.  It was really pretty.  Here we are on the stage along with some of the other Muslim ladies.

As she explained their lives and clothing to us, it was difficult to understand.  She shared stories with us of ladies that she knew and had been converted to Christianity.  Stories to let us know about some of the ladies that are real people, dealing with real lives and problems I can't imagine, in Bangladesh.


Stinky's new cat is the best to photograph!  I found him on my computer chair yesterday and took some pics.  I just love cat feet, I think they are the cutest things ever!  Take a look.....


Stinky got a movie at the library that shows art projects to do on rainy days.  The kids watched it and made an alphabet book for a little girl at church.  Then they made me a picture frame.  Look at how cute they are!  This first one is made by Stinky and they include pictures of my niece, Graclyn, who I've only seen once in person because they live all the way across the country.  We're in Washington, they are in Massachusetts.  The next one is by Bubba and the top picture is one that he got from his dad.  Lol.  It's one of Greg's work sites.  I don't even think Greg is in the picture, he's taking it.  I think it's funny that Bubba got that one for me.  And the bottom is Graclyn.

I was reading to the kids for school and when I looked up, even Tom was watching me and listening.  

These are the joys of my life.  The things that I am thankful for.  The people that I love and am comfortable with.  The animals that color my world.  

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