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Monday, May 17, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook May 17

Outside my window...The sun is shining again!  It's so nice.  Now if it would just stay and get warm.  There are bugs swirling around outside as it is evening here.
I am thinking...how sweet it is to listen to Bubba read a book to himself.  He's not actually reading words, but telling the story by looking at the pictures.  But for Kindergarten, in my opinion, that is reading.
I am thankful for...my children, my life and the SUN!
From the learning rooms...Today we learned about how Noah obeyed for our obedience Bible lessons.  For Science they learned about birds eggs and how the babies grow.  We read chapter 7 of Runaway Ralph so we only have 2 more chapters left.  Bubba is reviewing his letters that he's learned because I'm not satisfied at how much he has learned using A Beka.  This week is the letter "I".
From the kitchen...There really isn't anything in our kitchen currently.  This week was a bad week somehow.  We ran out of money fast and food fast.  So it was a choice between fried potatoes or Velveeta Mac & Cheese for dinner.  Really exciting...Thank goodness tomorrow is pay day.
I am wearing...maroon sweats and a dark purple T-shirt that has a guitar on it and says "Rock".  It's one of my stay-at-home-and-hide-shirts.
I am creating...Plans for a Science fair this summer for homeschoolers.  Plans on how to get more kids to come to my Sunday school class.  Plans on how Vacation Bible school is going to be done.
I am going...absolutely no where.
I am reading...Emma by Jane Austen
I am hoping...that I can keep the progress up this week that I had today.
I am hearing...Bubba read to himself the story of Jonah.
Around the house...Things are getting picked up again.
One of my favorite things...Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee.  I am just about to grind myself up some and make a pot.
A few plans for the rest of the week: More housework, schoolwork and reading.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is Stinky trying to make her footprint in the mud.  Lol.  What a character she is!

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