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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review - Chapter 1 - A Summer Secret

book review chapter 1

I received A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller from BookSneeze.com and today I started reading it.  Now even though I read all of the time, I do not remember what I read really well.  Actually, I just don't remember fiction stories really well unless they are very good.  So since I need to do a book review on my blog for recieving this book from booksneeze.com, I am going to keep track of the chapters that I read so at the end, I have a good chapter summary to refresh my memory.

I review for BookSneeze
So in chapter 1 we meet the character of the story named Mary Beth Mullet.  She is an Amish girl of the Middefield Amish.  She is the oldest child of four children, and the others are all boys.  In this chapter we are introduced to Mary Beth's yearning for some quiet  and independence.  But as the oldest child, her mother looks to her for most of the help.  Mary Beth has found a place of solitude, but it is a place where her parents have told her not to go.  She doesn't think the barn is that bad, but her Daed says that it's ready to fall over.  When Mary Beth is there, it is done in secret.  We also learn that she is an artist and has a journal that she sketches pictures in.

Mary Beth finds a button in the barn and it is a mystery to her because the Amish don't use buttons.  Buttons are thought of to be an accessory that is not needed and therefore don't have them.  Mary Beth's thoughts are to where the button belonged before she found it. 

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