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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Summer Secret - 2


chapter 2-4

A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller is the first book in a series of Christian mystery novels written for teens/young readers.  I am enjoying this book so far.  The mystery of this barn is attracting.  It is like reading a modern-day Christian Nancy Drew novel.  And for myself, being an oldest child and wanting to just have my own space away from my younger sister, I can relate to Mary Beth.  Although, she has a twin brother and 2 younger brothers, so it's is more than I had to deal with.  Although.....if you've ever met my sister, you'd probably agree with me that she would count as 2 younger brothers.  So all I was missing really was the twin.  lol  I love you Tracy!!  

I think this will definitely be a book that I can save for Stinky to read.  And I also think that it is a good chance that I will find the rest of this series.  Now, back to my reading!


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