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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mop it Up! Monday

I have found a new meme to follow that I think I will like!  It's called Mop it Up! Monday


My plans for this week is to keep all of the rooms that I already have cleaned, CLEANED!  I also have plans to clean my bedroom and my bathroom so they will be like the rest of my house.  I will work on them each for one hour this week.  

Mondays plans are basically to teach school, get dishes washed, clean the litterbox and maybe read some of my book.  I do not have high aspirations for today.  That is fine with me though! 

I am hoping that next week will bring me an even cleaner house with low maintenance to keep it up.  I need to keep everything picked up this week.  The kids have kept their bedroom picked up for over a week now which is a miracle in itself!!  I don't know that it has ever lasted that long staying cleaned before, but they have picked it up every night before bed.  Stinky has the incentive that if she kept it cleaned for a week, she could invite her best friend C over.  She did that!  Yay for her!  Now she has to keep it up, or C won't be able to play.  Bubba is a little upset that he doesn't have any friends at church really to invite over to play with and I told him that is ok.  He is still young, and most of the boys at church are younger or older than him.  He will get more friends as he grows older and our church grows.  

That is basically my cleaning plans for today and this week.  They are not really ambitious, but they serve my family and myself well.  If you liked this post, and would like to join and read others, please click on the graphic at the top of this blog entry and it will take you to Andrea's page for her Mop it Up! Monday blog.  Stay tuned next week for another episode of.....Mop it Up! Monday!!!!!

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