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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Follow and Other Happenings

I just got the call from my lawyer.  I am on stand-by for court on Monday.  My case has been bumped once because we are short on judges, but it could be bumped again.  I don't want it to be bumped, I want to get this over with!  There was a criminal case that came up, and that takes precedence over my case.  I still may be able to get in with a judge on Monday morning though.  I just won't know until they call me and say "we got a judge, you have one hour to be here."

Chances are that my case will get bumped again, but I think that I remember my lawyer telling me that it could only be bumped twice.  Maybe not though.

I am suing the driver who hit us 4 years ago.  When we got hit, I had both of my kids in the car.  Bubba was 11 months and Stinky was 2 years old.  The air bags opened and it felt like I got punched in the chin and it broke my mom's wrist.  We had another passenger in the backseat with us also.  I was driving a mini-van.  I don't think I should be giving out the details of the accident right now on a blog because I am going to court.  I figured because of the severity of this accident that I needed to hire a lawyer.  I wanted to make sure that my kids would be taken care of and I didn't get ripped off.  I am very glad that I hired him and he is an excellent and well reputed  lawyer.

I ended up with whip-lash and degenerative bone disease in my neck.  I also came out of it with arthritis in my neck.  This is the cause of my migraines, neck aches, shoulder aches and back aches.  Because of this accident and injuries, I am not able to pick up my children for any length of time, they can't play with me or wrestle with me, lots of housework causes me to have migraines, looking at books on the shelves at the library gives me migraines, lifting anything hurts and just about my whole lifestyle had to change.  The one bad thing is that it makes it harder to read.  I can't just hold a book and read it, I have to have my neck propped back a little and have the books held high.  It's not comfortable really.

I am nervous about court.  I think we are going to Supreme Court and I have to testify in front of a jury.  Now here's the thing.  I have always wanted to be a lawyer or legal secretary or a paralegal.  I am really excited about watching how a real court case is done in front of a jury.  What does not excite me and actually makes my stomach tingle is that I have to testify in front of them.  I want to watch what goes on, but I don't want to be involved in it!  lol  Unless I am the trained lawyer.  Which I am not.  My husband, father-in-law and my mom are all testifying for me also, along with my chiropractor.

This week we haven't done any school.  It's been just a messed up weird week and it just wasn't possible.  For me physically or even for my sanity.  I am not worried about it at all since we are working most of the summer.  And if I do go to court, we will only have a half week next week.  Court will be Monday, Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.

This week I am reading a great book called A Princess Found by Sarah Culberson and Tracy Trivas.  It is written with such heartfelt emotion from Sarah as she tells her life of searching for her biological parents.  When she finds her father she finds out that she is an African princess.  How exciting would that be to learn?!  Even though Africa is still a poor country, being royalty is royalty!  lol

Today I went to a bookstore in Sumner.  It is such a cute little bookstore on Main Street.  I just love it.  The people that work there are so friendly and helpful.  I think what I love the best, even more than the wonderfully reasonable prices, is that they are so nice to my kids!  They talk and talk with them and make them feel very welcome.  Not many people will do that.  You always score with Mom when you make her children feel special and good. It is called A Good Book Cafe and it is my favorite bookstore besides Borders.

Anyways, I took some books in for them to have, which makes the prices for me doubly wonderfully reasonable!!  So after giving them my books today, we bought 3 more.  I got You & Your Cat by David Taylor for myself to read a little, but mostly for the kids to look through and learn some things.  I bought Bubba Berenstains' A BookBerenstains' A Book (Bright and Early Books for Beginning Beginners) by Stan & Jan Berenstain and I bought Stinky a chapter book by Disney called Silvermist and the Ladybug Curse by Gail Herman.  It's a Tinkerbell fairy book.

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furygirl3132 said...

Good morning! I am a new follower from Friday Follow working my way through the list on a Saturday. Glad to have found your great blog. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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